Titans of Branding

Titans of Branding reflects innovative strategic thinking in the field of global branding. It is a unique presentation of the views of nine renowned experts.

Through interviews, the book brings together perspectives from global branding leaders. We have organized their perspectives into a new, integrated framework that keeps the customer at the center, linking brands to globalization and innovation.

Titans of Branding will equip you with the academic and managerial strength to successfully face the future challenges of branding in our global economy.


Titans of Branding & Titans of Service

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Titans of Service

Titans of Service combines theory with practical insights, examples and references from experts. Bringing together 14 service experts, this book offers the most up-to-date knowledge from this field of academia in the U.S., Europe and Asia. In addition to offering theoretical insights, practical guidance and examples, this book also gives an overview of the current and future role of services. Titans of Service provides a framework for thinking about ways in which new knowledge on services is integrated with high profit and growth.

This book is a guide for everyone interested in managing services profitably. It is based on substantial research with leading academic experts whom we call Titans, and provides a practical and insightful frame- work for business leaders, the educational community and students.
We hope that this book will help further the development of service thinking in organizations and beyond.