Competition process

Competition process

  1. Students must compose teams of 3 members. Team members can study in different universities as long as they belong to a participating country.
  2. The brief, including the assignment and case study, will be sent to each individual team to all team members’ emails on November, 19th 2018 at 0000 hours following the UTC+8:00 time zone, at the official launch of the Competition.
  3. Teams will be assigned different assignments and case studies and are not allowed to change or swap any of their assignments or case studies.
    The submission: The Team must submit their assignments by November, 24th 2018 at 23.59 hours, following the UTC+8:00 time zone.
  4. Teams will have to submit their work online through our specified link before the deadline.
  5. Winners will be announced at our award ceremony at the Wartsila Acceleration Centre in Singapore on Dec 8th from 1pm to 4pm

Judging Criteria

This prestigious case-competition will be judged by an international panel.

We are waiting to see innovative ideas, outside of the box -thinking and great teamwork, creativity, problem diagnosis, applying correct theories and good communications.

Each team will be evaluated out of 100, based on the following criteria:

30% – Innovative
30% – Useful
20% – Feasible
20% – Scalable

Please bear in mind the relevance of the project regarding the brand and market’s needs, as well as the general appearance of the report.

Submitted Documents

All the deliverables must be written in English. The deliverables include one assignment report and one case report. The assignment and case reports must be submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF) and must not exceed 20 pages in length, including acknowledgements, footnotes, tables, figures, illustration captions and bibliography.

Teams can additionally choose to submit a video not exceeding 5 minutes in length.

Teams are not allowed to ask questions or help or take any contact to the case-companies during the competition time (November 19th-24th, 2018).

All submitted materials must have been created by the team and there is a zero tolerance on plagiarism.

All citations must be in MLA format and the submitted materials have to be in one pdf document.

By participating in this competition, you acknowledge that Brand Audit Group and its partners have the rights to use materials submitted by your team at their own discretion.Text content